Wood Fired Hot Tubs – Heater Solutions Defined

When picking a wooden-fired sizzling tub the selections out there can be challenging, particularly with additional high-priced things these types of as the wooden stove.  

This publish will get a seem at the varieties of heater obtainable for wood-fired hot tubs and explain their pros and cons so you can make an knowledgeable choice, ensuring that your wood-fired very hot tub is almost nothing less than a delight to reside with each individual time you light the hearth.

Heater Types – What’s Out There?

Usually confused with the tub style, the wooden-fired stove that warms your tub is a customisable characteristic.  Contemplating that you will use the stove each and every time you hop in the tub, this provides you the flexibility to pick a heater that fits your spending plan, life style, and the remaining look of your wood-fired scorching tub.

Wooden-fired stoves for very hot tubs can be categorised into 3 varieties:

  • External Built-in
  • External 
  • Interal 

So what is the change?

External Integrated Heaters

External built-in stoves are synonymous with luxury wooden-fired incredibly hot tubs.

Nestled into the exterior of the tub by itself, from the outside the house an external integrated stove provides only a modern surround and a window to the coronary heart to your tub.  The stove is accessed by means of an exterior door to the firebox, for loading and lighting the hearth, as properly as emptying the ash periodically.

These heaters are related to the bathing drinking water by means of inlet and outlet ports in just the warm tub liner and have a tendency to be the most desirable solution, with all of the “workings” hid within just the tub overall body.  Heat is conveyed as a result of natural gravitation currents, that means no pumps or electronics are essential. 

Exterior built-in heaters are not offered with all sorts of wooden-fired sizzling tub.  They can be equipped to fibreglass lined tubs only, because of to the strength desired in the liner for moulding all-around the stove in the incredibly hot tub overall body.

External Heaters

As the name recommendations an external heater sits outdoors of the warm tub alone, positioned alongside the tub.  The heater is connected to the bathing drinking water via two hoses for inlet and outlet, and the warmth is transferred by gravitation of convection currents.

External heaters can be equipped to any style of wooden-fired warm tub, and are likely to be the easiest to mild and retain, thanks to their ease of obtain.

Although this simplicity will make them a favoured possibility for lots of, it must be noted that extra room is demanded to position the stove together with the scorching tub, and protection provisions must be designed to make sure that consumers (in particular children) are guarded from the scorching surfaces.

These heaters also make it possible for more place in just the hot tub itself since all of the equipment is aside, that means much more folks can match into a tub of a specified measurement.  

Exterior heaters are the only alternative offered for Ofuro incredibly hot tubs, thanks to constrained space inside of the tub on account of their form.  

Interior Heaters

Internal heaters are installed in just the bathing region of a wooden-fired very hot tub, divided by a wooden fence.  They are loaded from previously mentioned, and are likely to be the most budget-friendly heater choice.

By integrating the inside heater into the scorching tub entire body, space can be saved which would make inner heaters a perfect selection for places the place accessibility about the sizzling tub is at a quality.

As inside heaters sit in just the bathing h2o, their procedure is really basic and they are very successful, with all warmth from the stove system currently being transferred to the h2o itself.

Because an inside heater sits in just the wood-fired scorching tub alone, they decrease the capacity of the warm tub by 2 people today – some thing which ought to be thought of when earning your variety.  This means that a 4-6 particular person very hot tub would keep 4 people when fitted with an inner heater, and so on. 

A Notice On Chimneys

All wood-fired stoves need a chimney to vent the smoke from the fireplace heating your tub.  The chimney is linked to the stove by itself, and vents vertically.  When deciding on the most suited heaster for your wood-fired sizzling tub you should contemplate the chimney with a see to safety, as they will get warm when the stove has been in use.  It is vital to be certain that users are secured from burns arising from speak to with the flue chimney guards are an optional accent to tremendously lessen the prospect of injury from get in touch with with the incredibly hot metallic.

Metal Possibilities:  Should You Up grade?

This is exactly where heater range can come to be incredibly daunting… But never fret, we’ll give a small rationalization as to why this matters to you (or why it may perhaps not).

Different steel grades give various qualities, and the quality expected will rely on how you approach on making use of your tub.

All of our typical stoves are created from 430 quality stainless steel.  This is a increased grade than lots of of our competitors use, on the other hand it boasts potent anti-corrosive houses and will reliably previous a extensive time underneath the problems existing in the firebox.

Royal Tubs do not offer aluminium stoves.  While these stoves are more cost-effective to make and resistant to chemical corrosion, they tend to degrade substantially a lot quicker by way of exposure to the high temperatures existing within a wooden-burning stove and therefore we do not think about them tough plenty of for the application.

We supply heater upgrades to 304 and 316-grade stainless metal.

304-grade stainless steel features nickel in the metal alloy.  This drastically improves the metal’s corrosion resistance, although the cost of the materials boosts mainly because of this.  The end result is a for a longer period lasting stove, at the expense of a increased invest in cost.

316-quality stainless metal has an improved nickel content material in comparison with 304, and also involves molybdenum in the alloy.  This provides the metal excellent corrosion resistance, specifically from acids and chlorides.  

In small?

430 quality is a resistant, high quality stainless steel quality utilized as conventional in our heaters.

304 -quality has remarkable corrosion resistance in comparison to 430.

316-quality stainless steel is far more resistant than 304 and 430-grade, specifically towards corrosion from chlorides.

The steel grade is significantly related to wood-fired hot tubs in which substances are heading to be utilised to lengthen the time period among drain downs and improve the h2o cleanliness.

You could choose to upgrade your heater for additional longevity, but this is only a demanding requirement wherever you will use chemical compounds in the h2o of your wooden-fired very hot tub.

Using Chemical substances in the Drinking water

In limited, our conventional 430 grade metal is not ideal for the use of substances in the drinking water.  304 and 316-quality stainless metal supply corrosion resistance, which will allow for the use of chemicals, with 316 grade currently being the longest lasting under these situations.  If you strategy to use substances in  the water, the heater must be upgraded to accommodate this.

What To Think about When Picking Your Heater Variety

Now you know the distinction concerning the heater kinds offered for a wooden-fired scorching tub, which is the ideal for your tub?  

These factors will identify the finest preference for you.

Locale & Accessibility

You have no doubt now bought your eye on a location to sit your new wooden-fired hot tub, and its environment will play a element in selecting the greatest style of stove.

  • If your wooden-fired tub is going to sit into an alcove, recess or corner, accessibility in and out of the tub is going to be restricted to one or two sides of the tub.  With room all over the tub at a top quality, an external heater would just take up important room and the reduced clearance would enhance the probability of harm from get hold of with the stove.  In this scenario, an interior or exterior built-in heater would be the much better possibility.
  • If your tub is likely to sit in an open up space, with cost-free accessibility all-around it an external built-in or external heater is normally favoured, to free of charge up house in the sizzling tub alone and make cleaning and lighting a lot easier.
  • In a rural garden, a wooden-fired tub typically sits into its environment seamlessly. Selecting an internal heater implies that the exterior timber facade of the sizzling tub is unfettered supplying a pure look and allowing the tub to mix into the landscape.
  • The place a wooden-fired hot tub is installed for use by spending visitors, this sort of as a getaway enable or glamping web-site, an built-in external heater is generally desired.  Their inset fitting will make the probability of speak to accidents pretty small, and their eye-catching mother nature and ease of use will make them a delight for friends, frequently appearing in glowing opinions.

Variety of Wood-Fired Sizzling Tub

As we touched on earlier, not all heaters are suited for use across all tub types.

Fibreglass wooden-fired hot tubs are the only versions appropriate for use with an exterior integrated heater.  In which an external built-in heater is desired (frequently for the aesthetic touch) it is very frequent for the heater option to push the tub-sort variety.  

Exterior heaters are also commonly utilized with fibreglass incredibly hot tubs, to cost-free up extra space in just the bathing spot for more guests though retaining the rewards of the shaped liner for consolation and ease.

Inner heaters are frequently chosen for use with Standard wood very hot tubs.  Not only is this combination the most price range-helpful of the tub/heater pairings, but possessing the heater equipped (and as a result hid) in just the very hot tub entire body leaves a clear, unfettered end to the exterior timber facade.  This allows the incredibly hot tub to complement a natural environment and adds to the feeling of link amongst the hot tub and its bordering landscape.

Both equally exterior and internal heaters can be made use of with poly-lined wood-fired incredibly hot tubs.  As with regular wooden tubs, interior heaters have a tendency to be favoured on charge grounds, or to retain a all-natural overall look though exterior heaters are often selected for the reason that they are quick to accessibility for  cleansing and lighting.

Stove Access

Typically forgotten by buyers currently immersed in the magical thought of comforting in their new wooden-fired scorching tub, obtain to the stove is needed each time you use your tub, and for periodic cleansing of the ashpan.

Whilst internal heaters have numerous advantages, they have a tendency to be a little bit more uncomfortable to clean up as almost everything has to be completed from above.  

In comparison, exterior heaters can be positioned freely away from the tub to ensure very clear accessibility all all-around for inspection, and maintain the hearth doorway very easily available for the two loading and lights the fire as perfectly as cleaning the ash when essential.  In gardens wherever space is freely available and for shoppers who want to take out as many hurdles as attainable between earning the choice to get pleasure from and truly hopping in, external heaters are a company favourite.

Even though only readily available for use with fibreglass wooden-fired incredibly hot tubs, external built-in heaters are a business favourite.  The sight of the roaring flame through the glass adds depth to the tubbing experience and their lights and use is typically in contrast with a wooden-burning stove, adding an component of familiarity for people.  As with a conventional external heater, entry for lights and cleansing is pretty uncomplicated, with everything carried out from right in entrance of the heater.


Ultimately, heater preference extremely normally comes down to personal preference and the dollars you’re ready to expend on a wood-fired very hot tub.

Though concerns this kind of as entry and positioning are critical in generating absolutely sure your new wood-fired warm tub can be utilised properly and quickly, the most essential element is choosing a heater that is appropriate for your backyard and your funds.

With all items becoming equivalent, the heater is probable to be the past thing on your brain whilst you are nestled back again beneath the water making the most of the night time sky and superior business, but the mistaken selection could solid a shadow over an expertise that should be absolutely nothing fewer than delightful .

If you have concerns about the suitable heater alternative for your garden, or you’d like to know a lot more you can get hold of us at any time by email, phone or on Facebook.

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