Why Acrylic Liners Herald The Following Technology Of Wood-Fired Sizzling Tubs

There’s a large wave breaking in the wood-fired very hot tub market…

Soon after years as the high quality enhance for wooden-fired tubs, fibreglass has been surpassed by a remarkable liner choice.


Now, acrylic sizzling tub liners are practically nothing “new”.

In truth, they’ve been presented as a top quality liner possibility in typical, electric scorching tubs for just about 20 several years.

The place lessen-quality alternatives tend to include rotomoulded liners which are much less expensive and thinner, therefore additional susceptible to damage when in use and accidental chips and scratches, acrylic is particularly strong.

So what’s so special about an acrylic incredibly hot tub liner, and why are they really worth investing your tricky-earned dollars in?

Why Does Product Make any difference To A Wooden-Fired Sizzling Tub?

When it arrives to wood-fired sizzling tubs, the most relaxed and easy options appear from the tub’s liner.

Each acrylic and fibreglass have the structural integrity and strength to be moulded in manufacture, permitting them to be ergonomically formed for comfort and ease.

In distinction, polypropylene liners are fashioned more than the picket scorching tub’s frame and benches, separating the bathing drinking water from the timber frame to ease cleaning.  This strategy of building negates the reality that HDPE lacks the toughness to hold excess weight by by itself – the timber beneath provides the structural support. 

The shiny finish on fibreglass and acrylic implies they can be cleaned in a “wipe down” method, identical to the way you’d thoroughly clean a home bath.  This makes maintenance rapid and uncomplicated.  The place the wood-fired very hot tub is set up at a holiday break let or glamping web site particularly,  this is a worthwhile feature allowing for the tub to demand nominal attention from the owner.

Acrylic Gains At A Look

  • Extremely durable, resistant to scratches, chips and staining 
  • Resistant to chemical corrosion
  • Excellent structural energy
  • Accessible in a extensive range of colors at manufacture 
  • Beautiful quality of surface finish 
  • Resistant to UV degradation

Acrylic vs Fibreglass

Provided that acrylic and fibreglass share quite a few fascinating qualities in a wood-fired warm tub liner, you’d be forgiven for pondering what makes acrylic so excellent.

The answer lies in the mother nature of the materials, and the production method.

Even though a fibreglass liner is sprayed in excess of a mould and finished, acrylic is vacuum formed from a solitary sheet of material.  This helps make the acrylic manufacturing system a lot more labour intensive, but effects in a denser, more robust products.  Typically, the acrylic liner is backed with an further supporting layer, further improving its power and capability to keep heat.

The real-globe profit of this is that the acrylic very hot tub liner is much less susceptible to failure this kind of as cracking, and yields almost no movement when underneath load.  In serious conditions, this suggests with 10 folks experiencing by themselves and about 1,000 litres of water in the incredibly hot tub, there’s no noticeable flex.

The further power of acrylic also can make them much safer to shift and put in, for the reason that whilst they’re heavier, they can a lot improved withstand knocks, and the stress of their individual pounds.

Acrylic incredibly hot tub liners are a lot extra resistant to scratches, thanks to their solitary-sheet design (as opposed to the difficult shell coating used to a fibreglass mould).  Whilst scratches and chips are unusual, they are considered to be standard use and tear in a product or service frequently utilised.  Acquiring a seriously resistant liner is a enormous reward at business websites in individual, in which bathers tend to be much less very careful of the tub.

Very clear Rewards of Acrylic Scorching Tub Liners

Although acrylic edges fibreglass in most regions, there are other individuals in which it stands head and shoulders previously mentioned.

An acrylic liner features outstanding resistance to UV degradation.  Whilst fiberglass liners are likely to uninteresting and fade over time (as is to be expected from the substance with exposure to sunlight), acrylic liners maintain a brilliant, glossy complete.  

Acrylic is also very resistant to chemical compounds, one more valuable home in a product or service where the software of chemical compounds to keep the drinking water high quality helps make a massive contribution to simplicity of maintenance.

As a plastic, acrylic sheets can be manufactured and subsequently formed in nearly any colour and can even contain pearlescent or metallic finishes, opening the door to a wide vary of customisation possibilities.

The non-porous surface of an acrylic incredibly hot tub liner will make it really resistant to staining, yet another fascinating feature in which water high quality and chemical use could usually have the probable to leave a permanent effect on the fibreglass hot tub.


When it arrives to wood-fired warm tubs, acrylic liners will consider the area of fibreglass as the premier choice for durability, longevity and ease of use.

Whilst acrylic liners give a broader range of colors and customisation solutions for makers to capitalise on, the biggest reward will arrive in the form of peace of mind for clients who comprehend that a wooden-fired warm tub is an expense that’ll stay with them for a ten years or far more.

Currently being able to absolve the fear of accidental injury and mishaps will give homeowners peace of head when applying their tubs, allowing them aim their notice on relaxing and taking pleasure in their tranquil retreat.

The exact can be explained for hosts who are hunting for a problem-free wood-fired sizzling tub selection with which to delight their friends.  The extraordinary toughness and resistance to damage means less fret more than visitors leading to accidental hurt, whilst preserving an asset that can be safely relocated in the future with no fear of damage.

As all marketplaces tend to, we have taken a stage forward in quality and design and style with the giving of acrylic liners for wood-fired scorching tubs.  It will not be extensive before other suppliers stick to this training course and make improvements to the quality of wooden-fired very hot tubs across the current market, which is great for the customer and of study course superior for manufacturers like us, who ought to retain innovating to remain at the prime.

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