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EcoLogHouse Timber Frame Houses Dublin

Timber framing, a centuries-old skill that has been passed down through the generations, is awe-inspiring in its complex beauty and natural warmth, thanks to the use of mortise and tenon joinery. Timber frame houses that are custom-designed and built by Eco Log House are an expression of your individuality and style. To the Family!

timber frame house Dublin
timber frame house Ireland

EcoLogHouse: A Work of Art

EcoLogHouse has been supplying stunning wooden houses for nearly 10 years in Dublin. Because of the growing demand for smaller, more modern timber home plans, EcoLogHouse has issued a design challenge to its team of award-winning architects and interior designers. These modern blueprints have innovative floor plans that include eye-catching glass components and traditional timber framework. Check out the brand new layouts we’ve come up with in our portfolio of home plans.

A Timber House Is a...

Timber houses are characterised by a frame made of massive posts and beams that are connected together using pegs or other forms of ornamental joinery. It is common practise to place the walls of a building on the exterior, above the timber frame. Timber framing is durable, time-tested, and conventional; the term “building” was once interchangeable with it. In this case, it’s the foundation of a structure that will survive for centuries.
Timber-frame houses are so sturdy that they don’t require any load-bearing walls down the middle; this means that the interior may be laid out in any way you like, from a closed off master suite to a wide-open kitchen, dining, and living area. However, in open layouts, the frame ties the volumes together and makes them feel more manageable thanks to the wood and the joinery. Your timber home can have whatever appearance you wish because its framework can be covered in any material.


The production by ECO Log House company, where experts concentrates to the quality and satisfies our clients needs. Every need of yours is fulfilled with high quality hand-made touch.


The ECO Log House company produces over 500 products per year and deliver them across Europe and UK/IE


ECO Log House has an experience for more than 10 years. That’s why we can assure the highest quality products.


We give a ten-year warranty for your peace of mind. This is why you should put your faith in us and select us as your provider.

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