The 13.9 m2 wooden summer house has a larger common kitchen, living room and lounge area, an almost 2 m2 toilet and additional storage space.
This  summerhouse is suitable for short stays or a day break away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The Sanabria wooden summer house is also popular in that the semi-enclosed terrace of almost 5 m² under the shelter allows you to spend time in an outdoor area where it is safe from wind or rain. Also, the summerhouse is not only small but also very compact, so there will be no problems even when building it on a small garden plot. The price of such a wooden summer house is lower than standard, so it is a cheaper choice for relaxing in the garden!

  • Walls
    • 0 €
  • Floor
    • 0 €
  • roof
    • 0 €
  • Area 13.9 m²
  • Terrace area 4.9 m²
  • Rooms 1
  • WC 1
  • Floors 1
  • Dimensions 4.81 m x 3.91 m
  • Height 3102 mm
  • Wall height 2295 mm
  • Wall thickness 44mm, 68mm
  • Windows 1x 1210 mm x 1200 mm,
    1x 610 mm x 1200 mm,
    1x 600 mm x 600 mm,
    1x 600 mm x 1930 mm
  • Doors 2x 800 mm x 1930 mm,
    1x 1410 mm x 1930 mm

44mm, 68mm


19mm, 28mm


19mm, 28mm

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