Peyron- wooden garden house which  has a traditional design and a gable roof. This garden house has a full-length terrace under the roof. This not only increases the comfort of leaving home in bad weather, but also allows you to enjoy your stay outdoors in the rain or in the intense sun.The columns of the terrace give the traditional exterior of the cottage exclusivity. This wooden garden house is 14.7 m2 in size. It has a separate toilet and bathroom and a common area. It has a seating area where you can put a sofa or even a bed and a compact kitchen area. The natural light entering the interior adds coziness and creates the impression of a more visually spacious room.

This wooden garden house can also be adapted for work – it can be used as an office. It will hold all the accessories: both a desk with a chair and shelves for storing items or documents.

  • Walls
    • 0 €
  • Floor
    • 0 €
  • roof
    • 0 €
  • Area 14.7 m²
  • Terrace area 4.3 m²
  • Rooms 1
  • WC 1
  • Floors 1
  • Dimensions 4.86 m x 3.91 m
  •  Height 2748 mm
  • Wall height 2160 mm
  • Wall thickness 44 mm68 mm
  • Windows 1x 600 mm x 600 mm,
    2x 710 mm x 1520 mm,
    2x 710 mm x 1520 mm
  • Doors 1x 1500 mm x 1930 mm,
    1x 900 mm x 1930 mm

44mm, 68mm


19mm, 28mm


19mm, 28mm

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