Oval Sauna Forssa

Pre-built 4-meter long oval sauna Forssa, black honeycomb roofing shingles, wood-burning stove with stones (100 kg), high-quality chimney with damper and water tank. Externally painted with Teknos AQUAPRIMER TM 1824.

Forssa oval sauna is also available with an electric heater.


The pre-assembled oval sauna in Forssa at the Tene garden house factory is ready for use immediately.

The finished oval sauna set includes:

  • 100% Nordic high-quality spruce used as wood material
  • Two rooms: dressing room and sauna
  • Wooden slatted floor elements
  • Wood-burning heater with glass door
  • Quality chimney with damper and water tank 22 L
  • Stove stones 100 kg
  • Heat-resistant base, casing and back wall of the heater
  • Externally painted with Teknos AQUAPRIMER TM 1824
  • Roofing includes black honeycomb shingles and edge and eaves plates
  • Lockable front door with tempered glass
  • Tempered glass window in the steam room
  • Tempered glass doors

Wall thickness: 40 mm
External dimensions: 235 x 400 cm
Weight: approx. 1200 kg

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