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Rest, rinse and sink deep into purity in exquisitely designed Ofuro Hot Tub

The art of using hot water along with high-quality wood is believed to
be beneficial for both body and mind. This elegantly designed Ofuro Hot Tub has aspects of
modernity endorsed into it, making it a perfect choice for experiencing the energy of old
tradition in this modern time.
Design: A magnificent blend of old Japanese and modern designs.
Material: The material used is top quality, making it sturdy and allowing it to work at its best.
● Width: 120 cm outside, 100cm inside
● Length: 190cm outside, 170cm inside
● Height: 103cm outside, 94cm inside
Capacity: This Tub is perfect for accommodating two adult persons at the same time.
Heater:  Wood burning stove or multiple electric heater options are available, ranging from 9 kW to 18 kW power with
material options of Incoloy and titanium. The water can attain the required temperature in 90-
120 mins depending upon the weather and material chosen.
Accessories: Multiple accessories are also available for you to acquire a customized piece of
your choice.
● The lovely design and colors availability will make it fit in any place.
● Quality material makes it sturdy to withstand the wearing and tearing associated with time

● The water capacity is lesser than other tubs, which allows it to attain your required
temperature more quickly and efficiently.
● Availability of multiple options in color, material, electric heater, tub cover, with
accessories takes the customizability to another level.
● The accommodation capacity of two people makes it a family piece.
● Temperature gaining and maintaining efficiency allows it to be pre ready for you to let
go of your worries and rest in the pool of peace.
● Bathing in this hot tub will cleanse you from negativity and amplify your healing abilities
along with your physical health.


Delivery time: 3-6weeks

2 years warranty 

Outside wood colour

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Tub colour

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Tub Cover

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Wood Type

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Spa System

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Electrical heater

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Wood burning stove

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