Grill Cabin 9,2m² with 2,5 Extension



 Floor panels
 Straight walls
Roof covered with bitumen shingles
Extendable standard chimney
3 Double glazed windows (1 opening)
Central standard BBQ
Table fitted around the BBQ Benches
Cushions for the benches
4 benches (2 extendable for sleeping)
Door with the double glazed hexagon window, wooden handle and the lock


Specification Details

 Inside area: 9,2 m² cabin + 4,79 m² extension
 Size: 12-15 people
 Height: 2900 mm

 Wall height: 1200mm
 Timber: Pinewood
 Wall thickness: 45 mm
 Floor thickness: 18 mm

 Roof thickness and finishing: 18 mm
 Finnish bitumen shingles
 Window size: 880 x 510 mm
 Door size: 780 x 1500 mm

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