Fortuna 41 m²


Fortuna, a medium-sized wooden summer house of more than 41 m2, is perfect for a family looking for a modern design home. The image of modernity and contemporaryity is given to the summer house by a sloping roof and an outdoor terrace separated by a fence and  columns. It is a summer house of less than 50 m2, but spacious enough to accommodate two bedrooms of different sizes, a common bathroom and toilet, as well as a spacious space for a kitchen, dining room and living room. The total area of ​​the summer house project with a terrace is more than 51 m², a family of 2 people with a child can comfortably live in a house of this size. The terrace of the summer house is spacious enough to create a lounge or cozy seating area with outdoor furniture, plants or other interior details.

  • Walls
  • Floor
  • roof
  • Area 41 m²
  • Terrace area 10,4 m²
  • Rooms 3
  • Bedrooms 2
  • WC 1
  • Floors  1
  • Height  2774 mm
  • Wall height 2770 mm
  • Wall thickness 44 mm68 mm90 mm

44mm, 68mm, 90mm


19mm, 28mm


19mm, 28mm

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