Fiber Glass Hot Tub (ELITE)


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Fiberglass Elite Hot Tub:
The Elite round-shaped fiberglass tub is ideal for a small family or group of friends.
With this modern hot tub, constructed with leisure in mind, you may have your own
private oasis.  The elite hot tub is a lovely handcrafted hot tub that delivers natural
comfort, relaxation, and stylish interior detail for your garden
Our Fiberglass hot tub will provide you with wonderful experiences every
time you take a dip if you’re seeking for  wood-fired hot tub.
Design: Its handcrafted,  and exquisite design will blend in beautifully with
your garden, creating a welcoming and peaceful environment.
Material: The material used is top quality, making it sturdy and allowing it to work at
its best.
Diameter: 180cm inner, 200cm outer
Height: 107cm
Capacity: This hot tub comfortably accommodates 5-6 persons.
Heater: Wood burning stove or multiple electric heater options are available, ranging from 9 kW to 18 kW
power with material options of Incoloy and titanium. The water can attain the required
temperature in 90-120 mins depending upon the weather and material chosen.
Accessories: Multiple accessories are available
● It will fit in any garden,  thanks to its gorgeous design and wide range of colours.
● It is made of high-quality material to endure the wear and tear that comes with time.
● The water volume is lower than that of other tubs, allowing it to reach your desired
temperature faster and more efficiently.
● Fully customizable design, availability  of different colours,
materials, electric heaters, tub covers, and accessory options.
● Bathing in this hot tub will cleanse you of negativity while also enhancing your
healing abilities and physical wellness.

Delivery time: 2-4 weeks

2 years warranty 



Outside Wood Colour

Any other colour, Black, Dark Brown, Grey, Impregnated Wood, Light Borwn, Natural Wood, White

Tub colour

Any Other Colour (€ 100), Blue, Grey, White

Hot Tub Cover

Canvas Tent – Any other colour, Canvas Tent – Black, Canvas Tent – Brown, Fiberglass – Grey, Fiberglass – White, Fiberglass – White, Insulated Thermo Cover – Black (300€), Insulated Thermo Cover – Brown (300€), Insulated Thermo Cover – Grey (300€), Insulated Thermo Cover – Other colour (350€), Wooden Cover

Wood Type

Pine tree, Spruce, ThermoWood (200€), WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) (200€)

Spa System

Air Bubbles (279€), Jacuzzi massage (299€), Jacuzzi massage with integrated leds (349€), None


1 Led Light (70€), 2 Led lights (100€), 3 Led Lights (120€), None


Custom made (€350.00), Horse with stars (€200.00), None, Oak (€200.00), Tree (€200.00)


Feet bath (€20.00), Head cushions – 6 pcs (€150.00), LED strap on the bottom of the tub, Neon LED light strap (€150.00), Paddle (€50.00), Sand filtration system (€450.00), Side table / mini bar (€30.00), Thermometer (€10.00)

Electrical heater

12 kW incoloy (550€), 12 kW titanium (850€), 15 kW incoloy (600€), 15 kW titanium (900€), 18 kW incoloy (750€), 18 kW titanium (950€), 3 kW incoloy (400€), 3 kW titanium (700€), 6 kW incoloy (450€), 6 kW titanium (750€), 9 kW titanium (800€), 9kW incoloy (500€), None

Wood burning stove

Integrated- Ansi 304 heater, 28kW, Integrated- Ansi 316 heater, 28kW, Integrated- Ansi 430 heater, 28kW, None


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