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Eco Log House have been manufacturing and installing traditional wooden barrel hot tubs and saunas across Dublin. Crafted from only the finest timbers we combine traditional cooperage methods with the latest in spa and sauna technology.

Designed to last as long as the memories you create

Eco Log House has one of the most extensive collections of Wooden Hot Tubs for sale in Dublin.
Our wooden hot tubs are made from wood that has been sustainably sourced from reputable suppliers. To give you peace of mind, each comes with a high efficiency, high grade steel stove.

Our wood fired hot tubs are handcrafted to designs that have evolved over hundreds of years and have been tested in the most authentic way – by our customers at home.

We are honoured to have our name associated with Eco Log House.

hot tub

Designed to last as long as the memories you create

Build Your Own Oasis

You don’t have to make any compromises when it comes to what you want from your wooden hot tub

Eco Log House has made thousands of customers’ dreams come true by customising their hot tubs and adding the features they require without fuss.

Find a wood-fired hot tub that you adore and make it your own!

Immerse Yourself in History


For centuries, soaking in warm water has been a cornerstone of luxury, with royalty dating back to Cleopatra recharging in the simple luxury of warm water.
Eco Log House allows you to enjoy the same indulgence from the comfort and privacy of your own garden.

Advantages for Health

Since people first had aches, pains, and hot water, the soothing effects of hot water on the body have been used to soften tension and ease inflammation. Use Nature’s warmth to relax your body and mind.

What Does Your Dream Hot Tub Look Like?

  • Size
  • Interior Colour
  • Timber Exterior
  • Stove Type
  • Shape
  • Lights
  • Jets
  • Filtration
  • Wood Finish
  • Finishing Touches

Add a Touch of Luxury to Your Venue

Improve Your Accommodation

The simple luxury of an Eco Log House will transform your venue and delight your guests.
As the demand for domestic breaks grows, your reviews will shift from “quiet retreat” to “luxury escape.”

Increase Your Rates, Not Your Workload

Wood-fired hot tubs are a landlord’s dream, giving your venue a unique feature and adding significant value over the course of a season.
Furthermore, they couldn’t be simpler.

  • Low operating costs
  • Quick to warm up from cold
  • Simple to maintain

Discover how an Eco Log House can add a touch of luxury to your venue.

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