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Eco Log House Ireland based in Dublin specialises in the design and construction of contemporary and typically styled log houses and buildings. As every log is various, every House we build is specific and equally special. Whilst ensuring our customers are satisfied by the aesthetic appeals of their log House, our underlying principles is one of quality. We likewise construct log Houses appropriate for holiday accommodation and garden rooms.

  • Renewable – great forest management ensures that more trees are planted to replace those felled.
  • Sustainable – trees replicate naturally and therefore there is an endless supply of new stock.
  • Carbon sink – through photosynthesis trees secure carbon which is kept in the timber we utilize.
  • Resources – log buildings rely less on water based construction products like cement and plaster decreasing the pressure on our valuable water resource.
  • Landscape – log buildings utilize fewer aggregates decreasing the amount of product that requires to be quarried and reducing the effect on the landscape.

With standard and contemporary Log Houses for sale in sizes from small Log Houses and one-bedroom granny annexes to big log houses using four bed rooms and flexible home, there are alternatives offered for personal purchasers, rural business and leisure site designers together with a bespoke Log House design and construct service.

View our Log Houses for sale below– we have an option of 1 to 4 bedroom log houses in our variety, in either a traditional Scandinavian Log House style, or a modern Log House design utilizing angled glass frontages and ingenious interlocking log technology to produce a high-end Log House.

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Eco Log House Services

It is quite difficult for a company or business to consistently live up to its name, especially when comparable items are provided practically anywhere and the competitors to be on the top and remain on leading, gets tougher. We at Eco Log House make sure that we constantly focus on the solution, not on the issue. The services that fit best, are what we proudly provide to please you, our consumers’ progressive look for perfection.

We have actually been, we still are, and will constantly be picking to not just be surprisingly distinct, however also to be total in supplying all of your garden wants and needs directly. If it’s Garden Sheds, Log Cabins, Playhouses, or Summertime Houses to Garden Workshops and Storage Sheds we have them, jam-packed with functions and devices. Think about it and you can be sure that you’ll find it here! Due to the fact that simply like we always state, “We are for whatever that’s Garden”.

It’s regular for any organization, especially within our market, to state that the items we sell are created to hold up against weather condition extremes, made with the most quality materials, simple assembly, and maybe the most favourite– resilient and strong. The list might go on and on.

We are no different from these, we use these catchphrases also. However, the factor we can proudly claim to differ from the rest, is our long lasting dedication to always browse for methods to more enhance all those elements. It has actually always been our objective to not only provide the best quality products to our customers, however to continue improving.

With this, we are bound to consistently discover methods to make all our products more powerful and more long lasting, to last longer through time and to constantly raise their quality one step greater along with stretching each items’ limitations. This consists of each of their premium functions and varieties, to achieve the utmost client satisfaction creating the very best outdoor living experience that will last long without the trouble of costs excessive. To reward our clients we also provide Eco Log House voucher codes, to present important discounts on items.

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A house would not be complete without a garden that includes colour and life to it. Most people believe that a garden typically reflects the individuals living in the home, a lot of, if not all, actually take gardening seriously. Taking care of a garden and keeping it kept requires a great deal of effort. With this, having an outdoor garden shed almost becomes a requirement.

Whether a plastic shed or a metal shed, a overlap pinnacle shed or shiplap sheds, our sheds are available in a huge variety with different sizes, to fit everybody’s needs, beginning at the least expensive possible price however with the greatest of quality. With our wide array of sizes such as 6×4 shed, 10×8 sheds, 8×6 shed and 8×8 sheds, there are options for a timber shed with assembly to be garden offices, workshops, tool sheds, wheelie bin storage, bike sheds and a garden sanctuary all in one.

Likewise readily available in various shed styles with either a pent style or apex roofing. From wooden sheds to metal or plastic sheds. We also offer overlap garden sheds, tongue and groove sheds along with storage systems. By simply purchasing among our wooden sheds you acquire access to a building that has a plethora of usages. One month, when it is unpleasant and cold, it may be your store. When the weather is warmer possibly your shed will become a home office or even a gym. Male caverns and she saids aren’t out of the question either! We like to believe we have a shed readily available for each scenario. And, if you are unsure, we even have a guide to help you decide which garden shed is best for you.

Within our variety of sheds we provide shiplap cladding and tongue and groove timber construction. All of our shiplap tg, overlap peak and overlap sheds are made with the upmost care. Some examples consist of 7mm overlap cladding and 12mm tg. A few of our overlap timber wooden garden shed consist of double doors while others only use single doors. We also provide cured sheds with shed base, specifically pressure treated sheds utilizing pressure washers. Pressure dealt with is finest matched to those who are trying to find a wood garden building where the timber construction will need little upkeep.

Log cabins have always been utilized for multiple functions. This has not changed and they have developed much more with time, consisting of modernising. Formatively they may have been utilized in a barn style, made use of as storage for stockpiling shelter, wood, and food. Today, a log cabin can have numerous purposes. An extension, an office, a personal fitness center, entertainment room or a private retreat house. With all of these, a log cabin requires to be long lasting and strong, however also to include culture and design to your garden.

An outdoor building ever growing in appeal, you could say that log cabins are a life changing financial investment. For example, if you own a little business or are fortunate sufficient to work from home, a log cabin could become the best office. Needing just a few actions to obtain from work to house, depending upon the size of your garden, a log cabin can reduce travel costs and office rent. Imagine getting to kick your shoes off and unwind thirty-seconds after finishing work. We can’t consider anything better! It is with pride that our products not only feature the largest of ranges to select from. But their high availability and classy qualities, which make them one of our finest sellers worth every cent.

With the greatest quality summertime houses topped with advanced and stylish designs, our items guarantee to make your family’s summertime experience, amazingly memorable year after year! Not just that, our list starts at a low cost, so you do not have to loosen the handbag strings.

Envision being able to delight in the warm weather without needing to stress over the looming dark clouds quickly approaching. Or additionally, a summerhouse could easily end up being a house office, art room or perhaps just a comfy hideaway where you can snuggle up and enjoy your favourite films. On the other hand, why not use a summerhouse to keep your outdoor furniture during the colder months or when the rain begins to bad. A summerhouse can be an extremely versatile outdoor building. And, no requirement to stress if your garden is an unknown shape, as we have corner sheds summerhouses designed similarly to wood gazebos, especially for you.

Why not set the summerhouse out with wall lights with colour altering light bulbs. Mesmerising lights integrated with huge double doors can supply lighting not only inside however outside too. Or, why not purchase some outside lighting, perfect for shining light on the outside jacuzzi, and even for illuminating furnishings sets, home electrical Do It Yourself could make your summerhouse that little bit better.

For those who love crafting or Do It Yourself workshops are perfect. With different sizes available particularly created to fit your working space needs, these workshops are also ideal for storage at the very same time as you can quickly save a large number of garden power and general garden tools inside. Having the option of apex overlap and to have either a windowed or a windowless option will be perfect for those who require natural light. Workshops are highly convenient as you are just needed to stroll into your garden before entering your own Do It Yourself world where you can have access to all of your hand tools and garden power tools. This offers you the liberty to play or finish your arts and crafts whenever you feel inclined. Why not surround your workshop with fence panels, a plume edge fence and fence posts to truly make your workshop special to you.

Greenhouses are ideal for those who love to care and grow for plants and flowers which need shelter and protection. We use these items in an amazingly wide variety of sizes. In addition, all of these products are specifically developed to provide all that flowers and plants need. Suitable heat and sunlight in addition to correct ventilation, thus having them grow as healthy and productively as possible. With amazing quality and less complex assembly, these gardening must-haves will be an ideal asylum for all garden enthusiasts.

When you consider warm weather condition, what is the first thing that enters your mind? Maybe it’s sunbathing and getting a radiant tan. Or, what about just walking your pet round your local park or a round your local roads? When we think about warm weather we think about barbecues, and unwinding outside. Therefore, not merely limited to outside buildings, we here at Eco Log House also provide quality garden furnishings. From dining sets, unwinding seating areas or even barbecues, there is bound to be an item to match every event.

To us, absolutely nothing is more crucial than hanging around with family and friends. Getting to take pleasure in some tasty food at the same time is a benefit. Either dine on trendy patio furnishings, lounge around on a garden sofa or turn some hamburgers on the barbecue, our garden furniture is chosen with you in mind.

As part of our advocacy in providing absolutely nothing however the very best to our customers, we wish to help your kids establish easily. With a number of various kinds of safe and safe and secure play houses available, consisting of a plethora of functions, our products are more than capable of pleasing any child’s or parents preferences.

By acquiring a kids playhouse you are opening up a whole new world your children can experience. From princess castles, spaceships, pirate ships, a pretend school and even as animal houses, a wood play house can enable your child’s imagination to move to brand-new extremes. And, with the choices of slides on select playhouses, you are gifting your child not just an indoor space to play but an outdoor one too. Why not even add garden gates and pretend water features to actually make your child’s playhouse stand out from the rest.

Although much of our items are flexible sufficient to be used as storage. We greatly acknowledge the requirement to supply an item that’s sole function is garden storage. Avid garden enthusiasts collect high-costing large power tools, devices and house devices with time and are constantly looking for the best storage solution. We desire to supply you with a long enduring strong storage system, where you can securely keep products. With storage systems offered in plastic, metal and wood they are developed to stand up to extreme weather.

No longer will you need to fret about where you are going to store your garden chairs and garden furniture when the weather gets cold, your bikes when they aren’t being used, your yard mower and garden hand tools, wheelie bins or even extra bedroom furnishings. Storage buildings can be the perfect storage solution for the possessions you wish to put in outside storage and even for wood storage. And, we comprehend that frequently what you want to keep locked away in storage is very important to you. That’s why our storage sheds do not constantly include windows, because why take interest crazes you can’t even see?

We take a huge amount of pride in all of these items, which are all meticulously designed, to be the finest in the market. This is as we comprehend how crucial spending quality time in your garden is for both your psychological and physical health. We therefore want to ensure you can do whatever you please in your garden in both comfort and design. The addition you wanted for your garden, is available here!

And if you don’t believe us, by taking just one glimpse at our consumer stories, where their Eco Log House journey is tape-recorded, including general shopping experience, shipment of the item in addition to how they transformed their purchase into something amazing, you may even discover yourself finding a brand-new outdoor building for your garden that you formerly never knew you needed!

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